Poem: The Enslaved | Kelvina Mitchell

8 Dec

The Enslaved

A poem by Kelvina Mitchell,
VNM member from Petersburg, VA

Tryna get up out this system.
Want to talk, but won’t nobody listen.
Guess that just the hand that I was given
Saw all the flaws of the previous generation
Yet I still wind up slippin
Even if I make one mistake
In this system, ones never forgiven
Tryna find some light to livin
So like everyone else here
I’ll just turn to religion

Tryna get the hell up out this system
Cause these teachers man,
They aint even tryna listen
If I express myself
They take it like I’m dissin
Sh*t need their permission just to take a piss and
Why you judgin me on how I dress
Im different
Not tryna conform
So forget you and ya wishes

Man im so tired of this  system
Been dependent on it  for a minute
Cant see me surviving if im not  in  it
Don’t  know how I can feed my kids
Or keep up on my rent and
They wont let me have a man
So I just forget it
Accept things for the way they are
And just keep on livin
But forreal I haven’t been happy for a while
And around tax time, is the only time I smile
For the rest of the time I just work hard
Maybe like 1 or 2 side jobs
Not really tryna mess up my benefits
So I just settle for this sh*t.

I refuse to be a victim of this system
Shut the hell up, cuz you really need to listen
Been livin  by these ways for  minute
From school, welfare, even to the prison
Got us so enslaved
We fear whats different
Not fueling creativity and possibilities,
Rather do what he says, and what she sees
What kind of person can you really be
If your reality is based off of tv?
Lift off the veil so you can really see
That were trapped in this world of conformity.
So hold on to all your dreams and ambition
And search for the truth, to help find your mission.


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